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Draught Training

Usually October - March

In the colder months we train our Newfies in draught, which is carting. This involves obedience work (called control), manoeuvres in the cart, and a haul in the cart with weight. For those who do not wish to train using the cart, they just join us for obedience work and a walk. We meet around 10.30/11am and finish mid-afternoon for a cup of tea and a catch up in the Golf Club!

Val dr.jpg

It is really important to build your dog’s strength, muscles and endurance up gradually in the cart, to prevent injury. There is good guidance on the NNC webpages about how we do this.

We train our dogs up so that they are pulling Christmas trees around at Christmas, and even giving children sleigh rides!
There is no cost for draught training.

Draught Training: Get Involved
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