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Meet The Dogs

The Stars of Our Group

We never know who owns who ... it's more likely the dogs own the humans!



Handled by Lynn

Rosa has been a Rother member since she was 8 weeks old.Multi passes in water and the highest level in Draught Which is a Diploma.She takes part in water demonstrations and Meet and greats for charities.



Handled By Craig

Tyson is one of our stronger newfies and has been known to tow 26 people and 2 boats. He appeared on Sky in documentary
about working dogs



Handled by Jane

Winnie can be described as a hairy toddler, excitable and clumsy! She loves people, dogs, food, human attention and swimming.  Last year she discovered that she can balance on and jump off a paddleboard.  Winnie is fond of eating anything and everything, safe or unsafe, this has caused many a stress for her owner.  She is a constant source of amusement!  She is the most amazing loyal and friendly dog



Handled by John

Reggie is now 6 years old and has been training with Rother club since he was 3. He loves working in the water and is always up for the challenge of new things. Reggie is a loyal and kind hearted dog who loves his toys and long walks - the wetter the better!


(Mini) Winnie 

Handled by James 

Winnie likes to wrestle and chew slippers. She’s the puppy of the group  as is very friendly and she likes to let the neighbours know she’s awake at 6.30 in the morning. Loves her food and to help in the garden. She doesn’t like the car or the water but we’re working on that!



Handled by Fran and Jay

An excitable guy who likes people to know he wants to be in the water by non-stop barking! Very driven young dog that will do well if he can focus his energy.



Handled by Dan and Kelly

Bertie is a 14 month old gentle giant who is just as happy to be napping on land as he is to be working in the water.



Handled by Leilani

Fraser is a happy but chilled 5 year old boy. Food in general is his favourite thing followed closely by water in any form. He can be a bit of an 'aloof Newf' until you get him near water. Then he will do anything and drag anyone to get to it! Training means he is starting to pull people out of it now too.



Handled by Malcolm

The new baby of the group. Lovely Bentley is yet to make his debut in the water at Rother but has been swimming weekly in a hydrotherapy pool. Updates to follow!



Handled by Jay & Fran

Mike (aka Mikey, Mikey Angelo) has been swimming since he was 10 weeks old and is very keen in the water. Hopefully a young star in the making! 



Handled by Jenny & Vanessa

Loves working with his mum and human sister.  He is is a very energetic young dog and his favourite toy is the floating lighthouse. He is a beautiful coloured Landseer.



Handled by Malcolm

Zack is a very sweet Newf and loves nothing more than a cuddle. You'll see him with his baby brother Bentley and Wilson the labrador.



Handled by Paul & Ellie

Awaiting Info



Handled by Leilani

Boo is a very sweet rescue Newf who loves to work in her cart and will do anything for a cuddle.

Meet the Dogs: Meet the Dogs
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