Meet The Dogs

The Stars of Our Group

We never know who owns who ... it's more likely the dogs own the humans!



Handled by Lynn

Rosa has been a Rother member since she was 8 weeks old.Multi passes in water and the highest level in Draught Which is a Diploma.She takes part in water demonstrations and Meet and greats for charities.



Handled by Nicola

Lotty's favourite toys are fluffy teddy’s that she can cuddle but also likes to play tug of war with them - it’s a love hate relationship! She loves eating blueberries and sausages and adores a good belly tickle. Lotty is currently working towards a Level C water test and Level 3 Draught test.



Handled by Isla

Crumble is small for a Newfie at only 38kg, but she is like a flying squirrel when she jumps.  Crumble works with one of the young handlers in the group and is very patient and gentle. She's a little pocket rocket 🚀. 



Handled By Craig

Tyson is one of our stronger newfies and has been known to tow 26 people and 2 boats. He appeared on Sky in documentary
about working dogs



Handled by Tom

Bailey is a gentle giant, he came to training late in life and much prefers a snooze than to do any work.



Handled by Simon

Florence is an lazy girl and loves nothing more than being left to snore. She will work if she has to but she likes to go at her own pace.  You might drown before she gets round to helping you in real life.  But she suddenly gets quicker when it comes to playing. 



Handled by Rachel

Betty is very noisy and will do anything to get in the water.  She started training when she was 6 months old and passed her first test a week later.  Betty's favourite treat is cheese, or sausages, or tuna, or anything that she thinks of as human food.



Handled by Jane

Winnie can be described as a hairy toddler, excitable and clumsy! She loves people, dogs, food, human attention and swimming.  Last year she discovered that she can balance on and jump off a paddleboard.  Winnie is fond of eating anything and everything, safe or unsafe, this has caused many a stress for her owner.  She is a constant source of amusement!  She is the most amazing loyal and friendly dog



Handled by Helen 

Bulmer was born March 2019, a younger boy of the group.  He started water training at 14 weeks and he passed his first 'A' test at 6 months and 2 days old.  He is really good in the water but not the most enthusiastic in going in, but is fine when he gets there.  He loves everyone, especially the girls and his BFF Winnie.  



Handled by Adrian and Val

Lizzie loves swimming and hauling her cart. Sausages are her favourite treat.  She is a gentle soul and loves attention.  She came to Adrian and Val through a newfoundland rescue. She is happy in her forever home, and occasionally welcomes other foster newfoundlands with open paws.



Handled by Richard 

Dolly loves to swim, and always works really hard. She loves being in the group and looks forward to Sundays. 

Samson .jpg


Handled by Judi

Samson is a water baby  - the muddier the better - and a complete sweetheart.  He loves everyone. His promising career in water rescue has been interrupted by the pandemic so we can't wait to start training properly again.



Handled by - No One as she's her own Woman.

Liza is an adorable rescue Newfie who hates water but is very happy to supervise her pal Samson. She is very good at nose work, particularly if it involves cheese.


(Mini) Winnie 

Handled by James 

Winnie likes to wrestle and chew slippers. She’s the puppy of the group  as is very friendly and she likes to let the neighbours know she’s awake at 6.30 in the morning. Loves her food and to help in the garden. She doesn’t like the car or the water but we’re working on that!