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Nicola having a go on the paddleboard

Sept 2020

We have a paddleboard at RVTG.  Nicola was experimenting with being towed along by a newfoundland ... We think that defeats the object Nicola!

Training with Social Distancing

Sept 2020

We have been able to continue training on a limited basis, we have been unable to use boats and have been using a 'bubble' system to reduce risk.

Isla training with Crumble

August 2020

We love having young handlers at RVTG.  Isla started when she was 6!

First Aid and Water training day with Rother Valley Training group CEO

June 2021

A great day had by all, we learnt some basic first aid and what to do various medical emergencies in the water.   A big thank you to Pete and Mark for giving up their time to visit us.